Here Are the Characteristics of Adult Boys in North America

The following is a summary of the common characteristic of males who possess the boy psychology in North American society. For a more detailed look at these plus an explanation why they are like this, please refer to the book Asian Fever: White Women Take Note.

A desire for toys

Many males desire to have “toys” of all shapes and sizes, from entertainment systems and video games, to boats and sports cars. The desire for these toys is partly to have the thrill and excitement of using them, but also due to the social status these convey and the interest in the toys by their male friends. Another element that adds into this is the belief that some women will find them more attractive because of these items.

Wanting to play with their friends

Males with the boy psychology greatly desire to go out and have fun with their friends. This fun is associated with the “good old times” of youth, and these males often long for the drinking and socializing they had when they were younger, or even if they did not have these times in their youth.

Putting time in with their families to earn time away

Boy psychology males often put time in with their family so that they can earn time to spend with their friends playing games or socializing. They accumulate time they have spent so that they can leave their families for a guilt free period of time and with the acceptance or relative acceptance of their spouses.

Driving cars like racing machines

Boy psychology males often drive their vehicles at higher than average speeds, essentially racing them. This is partially due to the desire to have fun and the desire to beat their previous time to their destination, but also due to their longing for the fun of youth, where they believe their true fun resides.


These males tend to spend a great deal of time looking at pornography and possibly attending strip bars to see the women live. These activities fuel their fantasies about not only intercourse with these women but also a sense of power and accomplishment of having the women desire them.

Easily seduced or preoccupied with attractive women

As an extension of the feelings that lead to pornography, boy psychology men often are easily seduced by attractive women even when they are in a relationship and even if not seduced, will act quite differently around them in a effort to have them become attracted to the male. This hint of attraction and sexuality makes the male feel that not only could he successfully date this woman or have intercourse with her, but conjures up fantasies of how his life could be better with her at his side.


A highly common element of North American boy psychology is the tendency to brag about accomplishments and exaggerate what accomplishments have been attained. This arises from the desire to have others around them approve of the males and be impressed by them. This stems from poor self esteem and is a trait recognized frequently by Asian women in North American men.

Reframing their failures to make them seem like victories

Boy psychology North American males have a very hard time accepting failure as purely failure, and will often reframe the defeat to somehow become a victory in their minds. This is due to low self-esteem, which leads to the inability to accept this failure for what it is and learn from it.

Living vicariously through their children

A common problem with boy psychology males is that they live vicariously through their children, having their own emotions fed by feelings of failure and anger and so driving their children to succeed where they failed. This is often seen in the males who push their sons to perform well at the sports they played, and were generally not successful in.

Never being satisfied with success

A common trait in males with boy psychology is a never being satisfied with the success they have attained, even if it is tremendous. This is often mistaken for a healthy ambition, which it is not. It stems from a need to constantly prove oneself, because if they do not they will start to feel the hollowness and sadness that exists within them.

Excessive Gambling

Often males with boy psychology gamble excessively, endangering the financial stability of themselves and their families. This stems from the belief that they are always about to win the big one, that success is always around the corner. This comes from the need to achieve and from poor self-esteem, esteem that would allow the male to feel satisfied and not seek out the type of achievement which they are pursuing.

-An excerpt from the book Asian Fever: White Women Take Note