Bahamas Beaches

If you are looking for the best family beach vacation, Bahamas beaches are some of the best in the world. This island group may be best known for the tourist destination islands of Grand Bahamas and Nassau/Paradise Island, but the outlying islands offer a variety of remote villages and some of the best white sand beaches you’ll find.

Not only is this a great family vacation, but the crystal clear waters are known for all kinds of water activities such as glass bottom boat rides, snorkeling and diving or fishing. Of course, Bahamas beaches are great for collecting shells and coral or just lounging in the sun and playing in the waves.

If you are looking for a luxury vacation, then Grand Bahamas or Nassau and Paradise Islands are a good place to start. Nassau is the capital city located on Providence Island, which neighbors Paradise Island. With a combination of international flair and tropical breezes, some of the most luxurious resort accommodations can be found on these islands, and there are so many things to do on land and water that swimming with dolphins in their natural habitat or going down a 120 foot tower water slide is just the beginning of the day.

You can stroll through the marketplace and shops, observe sea creatures, or visit a native turtle sanctuary. At nightfall, there are a wide array of beachfront restaurants, nightclubs and casinos for the parents. It’s not unusual to end up gourmet dining with celebrity chefs. You can view Bahamas beaches from the air in a private charter plane, play golf, go birding or take a guided tour of the islands.

When you’re ready to spend the day at the beach, Paradise beach has portions open to the public, although parts of it are limited to guests of the Atlantis resort. There are little huts to change, eat and get out of the sun. Cabbage Beach has restaurants where you can eat and use the restroom, but you might opt for Western Esplanade, which is a short walk from downtown Nassau.

Caves and Cable beaches are great for vacations because Caves is away from the tourists and it is a beautiful beach, but Cable is closer to the shops, bars and gambling, but good for families because of restrooms, restaurants and it is 4 miles long. On Grand Bahamas Island, Xanadu Beach is a great place for families because of its convenience to facilities and restaurants, and the water is calmer.

No matter what kind of family vacation you are interested in, the Bahamas offers a variety of activities and some of the most beautiful beaches in the World. It has become a tourist destination for many families because of the diversity of the things to do at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for a luxury vacation, a relaxing beach vacation or an entertaining, fun-filled vacation, you can find something to suit the entire family and enjoy the tropical ocean breezes and island atmosphere of the white sand beaches of the Bahamas

Why You’ll Fall in Love on Your Nassau, Bahamas Vacation

Why Choose A Nassau Bahamas Vacation?  

Steeped in the culture of the ancient trade winds, Nassau is the ultimate cultural Bahamian experience.  A mix of Spanish, African and British cultures has created an island culture truly unique to Nassau. A Nassau Bahamas vacation is an easy choice for families. Generally speaking, children under 12 stay for free. On this dream like island British English is spoken, steel drum music wafts in the air and relaxation is a way of life.

Nassau Culture and History 

Nassau has been home to pirates, explorers and natives for centuries. The pirate atmosphere has deep roots to the days when local inhabitants would place lights on the reefs to lure ships to crash on their shores. Goods and booty would be collected from the waves and re sold. 

Nassau has a particularly strong cultural expression in part due to the fact that it is the capital of the Bahamas. The Bahamas became a reluctant member of the United Kingdom in 1629 when King Charles I claimed the chain of islands in addition to the Carolina’s in the American South.

Making Travel Plans For Your Nassau, Bahamas Vacation

Travel to Nassau is generally accomplished by plane or boat. The major airport is Nassau International. Taxis can be taken around the island and water taxis are common for inter island travel.

American planes flying into Nassau are cleared to bypass customs based on an agreement between the two countries. Your valid, U.S. passport will be required for re entry into the United States. 


Arrival to Nassau by water is very common. Many large cruise lines call on the port in Nassau and smaller sailboats and yachts frequent the water ways.

Island Activities

Nassau has deep cultural roots which make onshore activities vibrant and lively. Everything from destination weddings and gambling to architectural tours and horseback riding can be done on the island. 

Downtown Nassau is the cultural center of the Bahamas.  Walking tours of the areas colonial influenced architecture are a popular choice.  Maps of the central town squares can be found through almost any concierge for self guided walking tours. The architecture, food and music is a unique blend of Spanish, British and South African influences.

A water or beach activity is a must on your Nassau Bahamas vacation. Take a snorkel tour of a hidden lagoon or kayak the lapping shores. If vacation means relaxing on your back, go for a blow up mattress and float in the protected shoals of the Caribbean while tropical fish dart through the water.